John Helps People Get Rapid Results by Overcoming Relational Roadblocks

Most people are experiencing difficulty in the workplace due to relational roadblocks.  We provide insights, research, tools and tips that inspire and empower so that you get rapid results.
Whether it is inter-team relationships, customer dyamics or organizational culture issues, John uses neuroscience and expert story-telling to provide inspiration and motivation.

John F. Edwards

  Award Winning International Speaker & Author 
We are in a time of rapid change leading to uncertainty and volatility.
John is a thought leader and talent development guru who would be honored to partner with you for your success.
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 Audiences have risen to their feet to thank John for his captivating blend of humor, stories and deep expertise.  For over 30 years, John has helped audiences from around the world to keep their perspective positive by applying his passion for people with award-winning presentation skills.

Meeting Planner testimonial
"John Edwards is a captivating speaker whose commanding stage presence and inspiring vision makes him a standout in the leadership development field.  ... I had the opportunity to observe first-hand, as John delivered dynamic development sessions designed to keep attendees active and engaged. John Edwards enlightens participants with a healthy dose of humor and expertise. " 
-B. Lanni, Event Planner